Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No More "Travis ties" in 2007 Please

"So, You Think You can Dance?" Well, personally, I can't. I'm mean, I'm not your average, middle-class, rythymless white guy on the dance floor; but I'm not a "dancer" by any stretch of the imagination, either.

With that said, I do, however, think I know enough about dance (and the performing arts in general) to recognize real dance talent when I see it. And the two biggest "Travis ties" of 2006 occurred on America's two hottest dance shows: "So You Think You can Dance?" and "Dancing with the Stars." Clearly, personality won over dance talent on both shows. Both Travis and Mario were ROBBED by a public more interested in feeling good than using critical-thinking skills to make a serious evaluation of someone's "dancing" skills and technique.

Of the two egregious offenses, I believe Mario was robbed the most. Benji should not have beat Travis on "So You Think You can Dance?" Travis is a brilliant dancer, whose versatility and technique far outweighed Benji's "personality" and energy. However, Benji is a very good dancer. Emmitt Smith, however, is no "dancer." He moves very well, has great feet-exactly what you would expect from a Hall-of-Fame running back. But, Mario blew him away as a dancer. Clearly, Mario is someone who could have been a serious dancer if he had studied in that direction. Mario was ROBBED! That was the true "Travesty" of 2006.

So, if anyone is reading this post and votes for contestants on either show this year, please vote for the person who truly deserves to win-not the person you "like" the most.

Jon Hallstein,



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